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The Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes

The institute network consists of 16 cultural and academic institutes located outside of Finland as well as
the Hanasaari Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre in Espoo, Finland.

To find out more about how the institutes work, you can read the report summary The Effectiveness of Finland’s Cultural and Academic Institutes — Big Benefits at a Low Cost.

The Finnish cultural and academic institutes are

• non-governmental organizations promoting cooperation between Finnish and international cultural and academic organizations
• innovative and cost-efficient expert organizations that significantly raise Finland’s visibility in the world
• independent non-profit organizations maintained by a private foundation or fund

The institutes’ areas of operation cover in total almost 70 countries. In 2009-2010, their activities were co-
funded by over 300 partners in Finland and abroad. Thanks to the institutes, over 500 Finnish youths have
acquired international work experience. The institutes’ background organizations include 250 organizations
from different fields of Finnish society.

The association of the Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes, located in Helsinki, promotes
communication and cooperation between the institutes, helps them with community relations,
administration and communication in Finland, and supports cooperation between the institutes and their
Finnish partners.